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ISO Standards: ISO12086-2:2001

Standard Number ISO12086-2:2001
Standard Title Plastics. Fluoropolymer dispersions and moulding and extrusion materials. Preparation of test specimens and determination of properties
Published On 15/04/96
Approx Page Count 56
Standard Description Polymers, Thermoplastic polymers, Fluorocarbons, Plastics, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Moulding (process), Extruding, Specimen preparation, Test specimens, Dispersions (chemical), Testing conditions, Dielectric measurement, Impact testing, Tensile testing, T
Cross Ref ISO12000, ISO976, ISO4576, ASTM C 690-86, ASTM D 149-93a, ASTM D 150-93, ASTM D 638M-93, ASTM D 790M-92, ASTM D 1238-90b, ASTM D 1898-68, ASTM D 2116-91a, ASTM D 2863-87, ASTM D 2902-85, ASTM D 3159-91a, ASTM D 3222-91a, ASTM D 3275-91a, ASTM D 3307-93
Replaces the Following : BS6564:Part 1:Section 1.1:1989 BS6564:Part 1:Section 1.2:1989 BS7485:1991
Replacement Note
Replacement Note 1
Original Committee PRI/82
ISB Number 058025646 4
Other Equivalent EN ISO12086-2:1999 ISO12086-2:1995

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