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ISO Standards: ISO4037-2:1997

Standard Number ISO4037-2:1997
Standard Title X and gamma reference radiation for calibrating dosemeters and doserate meters and for determining their response as a function of photon energy. Dosimetry for radiation protection over the energy ranges 8 keV to 1, 3 MeV and 4 MeV to 9 MeV
Published On 15/03/98
Approx Page Count 36
Standard Description Dosimeters, Exposure-rate meters, X-rays, Gamma-radiation, Radiation measurement, Calibration, Radiation protection, Control samples, Homogeneity, Diffusion (waves), Nuclear safety, Bremsstrahlung, Samples, Bibliography, Attenuation, Shape
Cross Ref ICRU Report 25:1976, ICRU Report 39:1985, ICRU Report 47:1992, IEC 50(391):1975, ICRU Report 31:1979, Report NISTIR 4812, Report RD/B/N265, ICRU Report 44:1989, ASTM E 1026-84:1985, ISO2602:1980, ISO3534, ICRU Report 34:1982, ICRU Report 35:1984, ICRU R
Replaces the Following : BS5869:1980
Replacement Note
Replacement Note 1
Original Committee NCE/2
ISB Number 058029311 4
Other Equivalent ISO4037-2:1997

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