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ISO Standards: ISO15565:1998

Standard Number ISO15565:1998
Standard Title Practice for use of a radiochromic liquid dosimetry system
Published On 15/08/99
Approx Page Count 14
Standard Description Dosimeters, Radiation measurement, Nuclear radiation, Ionizing radiation, Liquids, Solutions, Spectrophotometers, Photometers, Photons, Electron beams, Dyes, Chemical composition, Molecular weight, Concentration, Absorption, Wavelengths, Test equipment, C
Cross Ref ASTM C 912, ASTM E 170, ASTM E 177, ASTM E 178, ASTM E 275, ASTM E 666, ASTM E 668, ASTM E 925, ASTM E 958, ASTM E 1026, ASTM E 1204, ASTM E 1205, ASTM E 1261, ASTM E 1275, ASTM E 1276, ASTM E 1310, ASTM E 1400, ASTM E 1401, ASTM E 1431, ICRU Report 14, I
Replaces the Following :
Replacement Note
Replacement Note 1
Original Committee NCE/2
ISB Number 058032904 6
Other Equivalent ISO15565:1998

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