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ISO Standards: ISO4600:1998

Standard Number ISO4600:1998
Standard Title Plastics. Determination of environmental stress cracking (ESC). Ball or pin impression method
Published On 15/01/93
Approx Page Count 18
Standard Description Plastics and rubber technology, Plastics, Polymers, Splitting tests, Test equipment, Specimen preparation, Test duration, Visual inspection (testing), Testing conditions, Chemical-resistance tests, Test specimens, Mechanical testing, Tensile testing, Defo
Cross Ref BS 2782:Part 0, BS 2782:Part 3:Method 335A, BS 2782:Part 8:Method 832A, BS 2782:Part 8:Method 833A to 833C, BS 2782:Part 9:Method 901A, BS 2782:Part 9:Method 910A, BS 2782:Part 9:Method 931A, BS 2782:Part 9:Method 940A, ISO468, ISO/R 527, ISO2818, Healt
Replaces the Following :
Replacement Note
Replacement Note 1
Original Committee PRI/21
ISB Number 058021572 5
Other Equivalent EN ISO4600:1997 ISO4600:1992

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